NEW Portable Dual Round BALL SPEAKER SPEAKERS System MP3 Music Player Cell Cellphone Smartphone


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NEW, NEVER USED, portable and collapsible hinged dual speaker speakers system in a handy ball shape for your electronic gadgets like MP3 player, MP4 player, cell phone / cellphone or mobile phone or smartphone, walkman, voice recorder, CD, PC, and more! This speaker is very portable and lightweight, definitely made to carry anywhere you go! Its a dual speaker that are hinged together and collapsed into a ball for easy carry and storage. It has a built-in audio line cord for connecting to your device like MP3 players, and more. Its very handy, fashionable, and stylish! It only measures 3 inches in diameter, but it gives out good quality sound especially when headphones give you the headaches. Its now getting easier to let others hear the music you are listening, with this portable speaker, just plug and hear, and you and your friends can start hearing the same music together, wherever you go.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are only buying a BALL SPEAKER, player shown in photos is NOT included in the sale.

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