KOH-I-NOOR 3000 RAPIDOGRAPH SCRIBER Engineering Drafting Drawing Lettering Guide


$ 1,150.00 


VINTAGE or ANTIQUE (around 1960s) KOH-I-NOOR or KOHINOOR 3000 RAPIDOGRAPH SCRIBER Engineering / Engineer, Drafting / Drawing Lettering Guide SET with its original case, see multiple photos for what is included. In great condition, pre-owned, this is vintage antique set used by an Engineer around 1960s ... the red case comes with this sale, also original instructions on how to use this set. IMPORTANT: the case black foam is deteriorating (powdery), but to keep the original casing intact, we are selling with case with its deteriorating black foam, SOLD AS IS. Also majority of the PENS have INK RESIDUE in them, and need to be clean, it is unknown if the points of these pens still works since the harden ink in them been there for several decades, since 1960s to early 1970s, SOLD AS IS condition for the PENS with hard inks in them see photos you can see the hard inks .. In the instruction pamphlet, there are markings Printed In the USA, there is also marking MADE in the USA, it is unknown if all components of this set are all made in USA or not. This is authentic vintage / antique from 1960s or possibly before that ..

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CONDITION: PRE-OWNED, previously-owned item, SOLD AS IS, as photographed and described, ALL SALES FINAL.